Hi! I'm Chrissy.

I'm a scenic designer and a recent (2016) grad from UC Berkeley with a double major in theater and art practice. For my design career at UC Berkeley I was awarded the Eisner Prize for Continuing Creative Achievement in Technical Theater by the faculty. I love dreaming up worlds and the magic of bringing them to life, but my strong academic background keeps me grounded on how my design serves a text and supports the overall concept of a project. No head-in-the-clouds artist-type here— I'm a problem solver, a thinker, and a worker. In addition to design, I also paint and have swung a hammer once or twice. 

My experience so far is in theater, but I'm also interested in expanding into film and television. I am currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, but I'm always open to wandering new places. 

Let's work together!

Contact me at: chrissycurl@gmail.com